Y5 lessons on RMS Titanic

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The Arctic is already experiencing an increase in shipping, primarily for oil and gas development and tourism*, and we can expect to see further increases as diminishing ice extent makes Arctic marine transportation more viable. The International Ice Charting Working Group (IICWG) cautions that sea ice and icebergs will continue to present significant hazards to navigation for the foreseeable future.”

Less Arctic ice means higher risks, experts warn
26 October 2007
* my emphasis.

Talking about ice hazards for shipping, our nine-year-old just told me:

The captain of a nearby ship called SS California sent out 9 (nine) iceberg warnings to RMS Titanic, and the captain of the Titanic replied “Shut up!


(I can’t help thinking this reminds me of the climate course we are on, with certain so-called leaders behaving in negligent fashion. ThinkQuest has good articles on the Titanic for kids.)

Y5 son adds:

They only had 32 lifeboats on board that could carry 50 people each, but they set off half-full, carrying mostly women and children. In first class every single child and most of the women were saved, in second class they saved most of the women and children, and in third class they saved most of the men. I don’t know why.


This sounds like climate change again—the wealthy will be fine; the lower down the social scale one is, the worse the potential impact.


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