The Prince of Wales speaks in Wales about climate change and Remembrance

November 7, 2007 at 4:48 pm | Posted in Ancient, Architecture, Buildings, Cardiff, Celtic, Celts, Climate change, Design, HRH the Prince of Wales, Museums, My photos, National Museum of Wales, Prince Charles, Remembrance, St. Fagans, Sustainability, Wales | 3 Comments

Today’s news includes this story:

HRH speaks about climate change during a day of engagements in Wales

The complete speech by His Royal Highness on climate change is here:

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales at the Celtic Nations Business Summit on Climate Change, Cardiff

The brief but poignant speech by The Prince of Wales on the importance of remembering those who died fighting for our country is here:

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales for the Royal British Legion Wales Field of Remembrance

and it’s all in a day’s work for Prince Charles on 7th November 2007.

I do wish Wales would get its act together immediately and lead the way on climate change. Otherwise we may look back on our ancestors living in these ancient Celtic low huts with envy rather than relief:

Celtic Village low thatched hut in National Museum of Wales at St. Fagans, Cardiff



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  1. Hey, didn’t you hear? According to the WWF, Newport is Britain’s greenest town! If everyone lived like us, we’d need only around 2.8 planets to sustain our lifestyles – and we haven’t even begun to notice the effort, yet! We’re also less overpopulated and more in touch with our low-carbon, pre-Roman past than most Western societies (even if the official ‘national identity’ was invented in the 18th century – I can’t believe you’ve sparked a hint of nationalism in me)!

    England has a lot of catching up to do, let alone the US! 😀

  2. Hello,
    I think maybe it’s HRH for the next Nobel Peace Prize.
    You have a very interesting Blog.I’m glad I looked in.

  3. Dear Hekai,

    Yes, I saw the Western Mail article when we were staying in Cardiff, and duly celebrated 😉
    Actually, Newport is the jewel in the crown, but I recently read that Wales as a country is not doing so well. The story was in icWales/Western Mail.
    Naturally, I highlight and rejoice at any good news (while hoping to inspire laggards to rise to the challenge). I still think Wales could become an icon in terms of our climate challenge: breathtaking countryside and (eroding) coastlines are only a stone’s throw away from most city and town dwellers, and nature appreciation is key to encouraging positive climate action.
    The City of Newport, HRH the Prince of Wales are at the top of the leaders list already. Sir John Houghton (former head of Met Office and former co-chair of IPCC scientific assessment working group) is Welsh too. They need our support!
    P.S. I think Cardiff and Wales were due for a rollout of free broadband from BT as part of 21cn (21st century network) this year, or next? Free nationwide broadband access would put Wales on a par with Nordic countries, which, I think helps people keep in touch without having to travel, and stay informed more easily, both of which are a good start in terms of reducing emissions.

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