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November 8, 2007 at 9:03 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

This just appeared on the IOP site:

Climate change prediction: A robust or flawed process?

Professor Richard Lindzen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor Alan Thorpe, Natural Environment Research Council

Professor Chris Rapley, British Antarctic Survey
Mr Piers Corbyn, Weather Action
Chaired by Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP, House of Commons
7 June 2007

Synopsis / Briefing Paper

To ensure that the information in the seminars reaches as wide an audience as possible, briefing papers centred around the physics discussed at the seminars are prepared for the seminar’s delegates and journalists. Distributed to members of the Association of British Science Writers, these cutting edge applications of physics then reach new audiences via feature articles and programmes that use the briefing papers as an information source.

The Briefing Paper was not available at the seminar.  It was written more recently, and released with an IOP press release on 26 September 2007.  The Briefing Paper does not accurately reflect the balance of scientific debate, imho.  (But who am I to judge?)  Nevertheless, the PDF is kindly distributed by the IOP to the Association of British Science Writers, to assist them in getting the story (in favour of Lindzen’s stance) out.




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  1. On the plus side, its unlikely that people will read it 🙂

  2. I agree that it is unlikely that people will read the Briefing Note, but it would be interesting to know whether the PDF was sent out to the Association of British Science Writers proactively in addition to them getting fed the press release and link to same PDF six weeks ago. There were several correspondents’ names on the list of seminar attendees, but I did not see them in the audience, due to more ‘pressing’ business 😉 I guess. So, if this stuff starts swirling around again, especially in the run up to Bali in December, at least this could be deemed a trigger.

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