Classic transatlantic packet delivery history

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The Computer History Museum on Wednesday held an event to celebrate one of the

Major Internet Milestones: A 30th Anniversary Celebration of the First Three-network Transmission

A major internet milestone occured on November 22, 1977. On this date the first known three-network transmission took place among SRI International, Menlo Park and the University of Southern California via London, England. The networks involved were the ARPANET, the Bay Area packet radio network, and the Atlantic packet satellite network.

This inter-network transmission among three dissimilar networks is generally regarded as the first true Internet connection. It was also a major milestone in packet radio, the technology behind WiFi and other kinds of wireless internet access.

On November 7, 2007, the Computer History Musuem and co-host the Web History Center will present a special celebration of this historic demonstration that spawned the Internet we know and use today.

Please join us for a panel presentiion with recollections and perspectives from Vint Cerf, Robert Kahn, Don Nielson and other key pioneers and luminaries involved.

The SRI van from which the packet radio transmission occurred will be open for tours from 5:30-7 pm.

SRI van

We will have to track that cool van down, if it parks in Mountain View for a while.

Not quite as charming as this green peacemobile, perhaps, but every vehicle has its own tale to tell:

Fillmore from Cars by Bethan © BRC 2006

© BRC 2006

This Fillmore artwork is by my daughter, and I have something else to show you from her archives, later, …



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  1. Thanks for the publicity!
    Just one of many good events at the Museum.

    Disclosure: I’m a Trustee.

  2. You are very welcome. I wish I had been Stateside and could have attended, wearing my network design engineer hat (as opposed to “parent of artist” hat).

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