Police poster art

November 9, 2007 at 5:23 am | Posted in Artist, Artwork, Copyright, Neighbourhood Policing, Police, Posters, Student, Thanks, TVP, Volunteer | 9 Comments

Police poster by Bethan

This summer, our daughter drew this picture as a background for Neighbourhood Policing posters for our area. (It is protected by copyright in all forms—unlike my photos that appear on this blog, which you are free to use—and the police will make sure that copyright protection is enforced!)

Last week, I took her to the police station to meet the Area Commander, who thanked her for her artwork. Now I have been informed she appears in the local newspaper, so I’m nipping into town to get a copy, before they sell out 😉

Upon the background, a different message is printed for each Neighbourhood Policing area, depending on concerns listed by residents. The point is that people usually picture criminals like the character below, but the real persistent problems vary greatly by area, and are not as easy to identify as this guy! For example:

You speak … we listen Datchet poster



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  1. Your daughter is very talented! Congratulations to her and to you on a job well done.

  2. Very cool! She’s hitting the big time. Congratulations from California!

  3. Many thanks for your kind words, Brian and Breen.
    Yes, she does have a certain style 😉
    These posters have been appearing in shop windows, libraries and other public places, as police priorities for each area are announced. It is quite something for BRC to get a message from one of her friends telling her they have seen “her poster” in their village or town!
    Another “old” piece of her art, this time from San Francisco, is on my previous post.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is so fantastic! Of course we always knew she was a star, and now we can say we knew her before she was famous!

    Congratulations and hugs to all,

  5. Dear Gail,
    You have no idea how much you have inspired BRC over the years, with your own artistic talents. She will be very pleased to hear from you, and it is about time you paid us a visit! (In any case, I am forever impressed with what you are able to create in the way of costumes, décor, and so on.)

  6. It’s more than just talented art – it’s talented design, too. The message is very strong, and that’s a winning combination. BRC and the boys never fail to astound us with their abilities! 🙂

  7. Hi inel, Kelly shared the story with me. It is SO cool! Congrats, Bethan! And perhaps she should autograph some original NOW, and save them for her kids and neices/nephews!!! Best, sonoo

  8. Well done to your daughter inel!

    Btw, some admin news from my way. Both my blogs have moved to website addresses:

    The Coffee House http://www.environmentdebate.co.uk

    Environment Solutions http://www.environmentsolutions.co.uk


  9. What’s the name of the “artist?”

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