Imperial War Museum London: Camouflage deadline! 18 November 2007

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Camouflage Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum London until 18 November 2007

There is a fantastic eye-opening exhibition on Camouflage at the Imperial War Museum, London. Promoted as:

The first major exhibition to explore the impact of camouflage on modern warfare and its adoption into popular culture.

we all found the warfare tricks and illusions much more interesting than the popular culture (fashion) angle. The kids are studying World War I in History and World War II in Philosophy now, so this was spot on for background information that cannot be found easily in textbooks.

Catch it if you can! The exhibit ends this weekend—on Sunday 18th November 2007.

No, it is not all about footwear and style. Exhibits include seriously entertaining war-time information videos, explaining how to deceive the enemy by wearing natural materials in appropriate circumstances (!), and dummy replicas of shell-ravaged trees, noting how they were made and replaced under cover of darkness in extremely hazardous circumstances.

Another favourite section of ours exposed the amazing designer craft—artistic painting of warships (original example)—using a variety of techniques including dazzle patterns to break up the outline of large vehicles in attempts to deceive the enemy. Some of the optical illusions were more effective in battle situations than others, but you have to give the camouflage teams credit for all their efforts, as they were totally dedicated to the cause and quite inspiring with their creative schemes.

Painting of camouflaged transport ship HM Mauretania in the Imperial War Museum London


‘HM Transport Mauretania entering Sandon Half-tide Dock, Liverpool’ by L Campbell Taylor, 1919 © IWM


For more details, see the BBC article, Show whips off the camouflage net, with audio From trenches to catwalk: An exhibition at London’s Imperial War Museum charts the development of camouflage.


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