Carbon trading our way to extinction

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Heathrow to get bigger

Watch the C4 News report

Last Modified: 22 Nov 2007
By: James Blake

Heathrow airport looks set to become even bigger, with government proposals for a third runway and a sixth terminal.

Transport secretary Ruth Kelly says the expansion is necessary to protect Heathrow’s world class status, but environmentalists claim it will mean more pollution and noise for over 50 towns.

Wait till you see the map in that video report. Oh, dear. The government has gone stark raving bonkers. Is this the silly season, or what?

Basically, our government will happily emit climate changing greenhouse gases at LHR, while paying someone in a developing country to reduce their own emissions by the same amount. It sounds like a win-win, until you figure that we only emit those GHGs if we build the sixth terminal in the first place, adding the third runway (the one that the government wanted at Terminal 5, but environmental protests prevented) and we need to reduce air travel anyway, to combat climate change.

This decision annouced by Ruth Kelly is as cheesily nonsensical as that black Jeep running around town with the sticker that says something to the effect:


“All my carbon emissions have been paid for, offset and jolly well neutralised 🙂

So it’s yah boo sucks to you!”


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