Christ Church Cathedral chancel vault

December 6, 2007 at 4:35 am | Posted in 1500, Architecture, Cathedral, Ceiling, Christ Church, Late medieval, My photos, Oxford, Oxford University, Photography, Vault, William Orchard | 1 Comment

Such a magnificent ceiling, this chancel vault in Christ Church Cathedral of Christ Church college, Oxford University, is well worth a trip to Oxford to admire. Designed by William Orchard c. 1500, its intricate stone latticework symbolises heaven, with large 8-point stars and lantern-shaped pendants easily visible yet unimaginably difficult to carve. Amazing.

Christ Church Cathedral Oxford chancel vault

The windows in the chancel have clear glass panes. Here’s another view:

Christ Church Cathedral chancel vault with large clear windows

However, Christ Church Cathedral does have a wonderful collection of stained glass windows. There is one in particular I have to show you, in a little while …


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  1. I am so excited…in two weeks I’m going to the UK with a class…to see this cathedral would just be amazing. They are so beautiful!

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