I have news for you: wind high

December 9, 2007 at 4:23 pm | Posted in 9th century, Britain, Celtic, Nature, News, Poems, Poetry, Renewables, UK, Wildlife, Wind energy, Wind power | 2 Comments

I have news for you Celtic poem 9th century

The Independent on Sunday has coverage of Britain’s wind news, and I was so happy to see the headlines today, I actually bought a newspaper! Not disappointed with my purchase, here’s the exclusive on off-shore wind farms, Secretary of State for Business Hutton’s U-turn on nuclear power, and Brown’s insistence that EU targets will be met (so I take back all I said about Gordon earlier this week, after the ‘Ruth Kelly third runway for LHR’ débacle that remains to be defeated …)

Britain’s wind power revolution

Leading article: The planet’s chance of a lifetime

Monday morning update (as I find the two links above have server errors … but should recover): 

Leading article: The wheels are in motion – and time is running out

Tomorrow, listen up for John Hutton’s announcement on this and the setting up of a panel, under his chairmanship, to address how wind targets be achieved. We will soon have to rename the British Isles the Great Windward Isles 😉

Deep red bracken Forest Gate Windsor Great Park December 2007


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  1. Thank you so much for the info…they keep us in the dark over here

  2. It’s my pleasure. I lived ‘over there’ for many years, so appreciate your comment in more ways than one.

    Isn’t that a beautiful piece of ancient poetry (from the so-called ‘Dark’ Ages)? I sent the card to a friend, but could not resist jotting down the text before mailing it, as I have not seen that poem elsewhere.

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