Real Christmas trees age gracefully

January 4, 2008 at 5:55 pm | Posted in Aging, Christmas, Christmas trees, Fresh, Graceful, Old, Young | Leave a comment

Our family’s first natural Christmas tree once was fresh and perky, though now has a rather comfortable old-fashioned air about it, so we’re told. Perhaps because its branches and leaves are now drooping gracefully? The good news is that our fir has only lost a dozen needles, if that, and those only as we have brushed past it this month. Its traditional stance, as if dressed posing humbly for an old picture book illustration, is enhanced by the fact that our Christmas lights failed on Christmas Eve (impeccable timing!), so we relied on non-electrical decorations this season to add colour and sparkle.

Here it is standing upright, ready for action, the first week of December:

Christmas tree early Advent 2007

And here’s our tree now, gently laden and in graceful decline, during the first week of January 2008, before we take our decorations down on Twelfth Night:

Christmas tree late Christmas 2007

With its comfortable, unassuming stance our Christmas tree has become quite a friendly figure as it watches over us day in, day out, and stands guard at night, as all the while we celebrate Christmas. Soon it will be time to wish it farewell. There is a better life-giving place for it to settle at the end of our festival days …


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