Adding capacity at Heathrow airport Response Form is not being made available as a PDF

January 18, 2008 at 5:18 am | Posted in Adding capacity at Heathrow airport, Consultation, Heathrow, Heathrow expansion, Questionnaire, Response form, Summary | Leave a comment

Good news!

There is still time to order a hard copy of the Adding capacity at Heathrow airport Response Form to be sent to you in the post:

On the Department for Transport’s webpage, Adding capacity at Heathrow airport – Consultation summary (inc response form) (78APD02904HCSUM), you are allowed to order one copy of the “Summary with Response Form included” to be sent to your chosen mailing address. This is the same as the summary with pullout questionnaire delivered to Consultees in November.

In the DfT webpage, How to use this facility, there is a phone number that you can ring to order a hard copy:

7. Please note that the Response Form is not available for preview as a pdf but you may respond online or order a hard copy by calling 0845 600 4170.

8. Should you have any other queries please call 0845 600 4170 or email

I have been told you have to answer every question if you respond online, whereas the hard copy I have in front of me specifically allows you to opt out of questions that are not of interest to you in this exercise, saying:

You can either go through each question in turn or just complete the sections of most interest to you.


P.S.  Deadline for responses to DfT is 27 February 2008. 


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