Mr. Ozone says climate change needs urgent action: that means NOW!

January 18, 2008 at 4:43 pm | Posted in Antarctica, Climate change, Ozone hole | 3 Comments

Meeting Mr. Ozone makes this sound like a programme for the under-five crowd.

Although John Shanklin is shown playing in the brightly sunlit snow of Antarctica, this video from News at Ten on Special Assignment in Antarctica is more appropriate as a call to action for those of us who can actually tackle climate change in our lives at work and home than for our little ones.



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  1. Jon 🙂

  2. Though I see you’re only repeating ITNs mistake, I should have checked first. See

  3. Typo corrected. Thanks, W.
    Yes, I watched it on ITV and on telly John sounds like Jon, so I did not know the spelling but gambled on the more likely spelling of John than Jon. Then I found the video link and only discovered my spelling was wrong afterwards. I thought you would know him 😉
    Do you know any climate scientists who would write something about DfT proposals to expand LHR? I hope to post the so-called details of the consultation document tomorrow if I have time, and hope someone will take a look at it and critique from an expert point of view. I have not yet found any university nor climate science centre that has even been sent a copy of the consultation. Academics are certainly not listed in the official list of Consultees that the Government sent copies of the consultation document(s) too. Adding capacity for low-cost flights anywhere is a disaster, but so far this story is successfully being “contained” by the powers-that-be to a nice little fight between NIMBY locals complaining on noise pollution and air quality grounds, while the wider impact on national and global emissions targets is being ignored and hardly acknowledged by the Department for Transport. Can you spread the word amongst climate scientists worldwide, please, after I have shown you the sections I read earlier this week?

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