Public apathy will encourage further Heathrow expansion attempts

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Yesterday’s most viewed article in the Harrow Times:

Airport could be expanded further
By Manisha Mistry

HEATHROW airport could be expanded further even if a third runway is built BAA’s boss revealed today.

Stephen Nelson, the chief executive of the airport operator which is lobbying for a third runway, said he could not promise further expansion would not take place if it was constructed.

At a public meeting organised by the London Assembly’s environment committee, he said Heathrow is vital for people travelling on business coming in and out of the country.

He said: “The international connection at Heathrow Airport is essential to global change.

“Not only does the aviation industry serve tourism but the economy is driven by tourism.

“There has been a decline in the number of flights coming and going from Heathrow, from 227 to 180 a day.”

Read more in Airport could be expanded further in the Harrow Times …

And airport news just in from Cheap Flights DOT co DOT u:

Further Heathrow expansion not ruled out

A representative of BAA, the owners of Heathrow Airport, has refused to rule out a further expansion of the hub.Stephen Nelson, the company’s chief executive, told a London Assembly meeting that the proposed sixth terminal and third runway that it hopes to build by 2020 were the current extent of the operator’s plans.

However, he would not deny outright suggestions that BAA might, in the future, look to build additional terminals and runways at Heathrow.

“It is very important for me to emphasise looking forward I will not be giving undertakings which in some sense could be considered hostage to fortune in the future,” Mr Nelson said.

“It would be inappropriate for me to speculate on whether there will be a further case for capacity expansion beyond 2030.”

Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is scheduled to open this March, while the Department for Transport consultation on the plans for a third runway and sixth terminal ends on February 27.

The point is, we have to draw a line in the sand now. This is a political battle so no amount of cases based on environmental issues, climate change concerns, alternative economics will sway the lobbies and decision-makers. They will ignore all those arguments. We have to gain wider and more influential opposition at the highest levels to prevent airport expansion.


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