Omega (Opportunities for Meeting the Environmental challenge of Growth in Aviation) for climate academics

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Led by Manchester Metropolitan with Cambridge and Cranfield Universities, Omega involves six other UK Universities – Oxford, Reading, Southampton, Sheffield, Leeds and Loughborough. Partners also include government departments, stakeholders such as the Aviation Environment Federation and commercial organisations like BAA plc, Manchester Airport, British Airways, Rolls-Royce and Airbus.


Academia boosts aviation sustainability debate

Dated 15 March 2007, that press release shows how determined the government, BAA and BA are to push through airport expansion: they planned ahead, and are already funding research at UK universities using 5 million GBP of public money.

Following a January (2007) start, Omega has initiated 17 university-led knowledge transfer projects addressing short and long term remedies. Climate change features prominently with work addressing public attitudes on paying for aviation’s climate effects …

…amongst other topics. Note that the first climate change mention is in relation to a public relations exercise. How familiar this all sounds, groan … 😐

When Omega was announced last year, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Alistair Darling said: “Solutions to sustainability are paramount given that the UK has the second largest aerospace and aviation economy in the world, and that the industry across Europe is worth $200 billion and supports 6.7 million jobs.”

Thanks a lot, Darling.

I guess that means we will not be able to call on climate scientists in any of these universities to help us argue our case in opposition to Adding capacity at Heathrow airport?

What do you think?


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  1. […] inel wrote a fantastic post today on “Omega (Opportunities for Meeting the Environmental challenge of …”Here’s ONLY a quick extractPartners also include government departments, stakeholders such as the Aviation Environment Federation and commercial organisations like BAA plc, Manchester Airport, British Airways, Rolls-Royce and Airbus. … […]

  2. OMEGA looks like a chance for consultants to “earn” large sums of money for talking a lot.

    As for climate scientists: you have the IPCC report. We don’t need anything else to tell us that increasing CO2 is a bad idea.

  3. I agree. But how can ordinary pondlife get that message through to a dense government? Talk about hitting heads against brick walls … this entire airport expansion escapade is a total sham, yet will go ahead with hardly a murmur unless we can get more outspoken experts to speak out!

  4. P.S. There is a space on the official Response Form for ‘Consultees’ to indicate the nature of their role in responding. Although I have been to public exhibitions and meetings, I have only found one resident who even works in an academic institution and will complete the form, yet that is one of the categories in answer to question 8, and it is clear that anyone can answer from anywhere in the world, from these two questions:

    Q8 In what capacity are you completing this form?

    * London resident
    * UK resident living outside London
    * Overseas resident
    * Residents’ association
    * Local government
    * Special interest group
    * Aviation industry
    * Airline
    * Transport industry organisation
    * Public transport provider
    * Business located close to Heathrow
    * Business not located close to Heathrow
    * NGO
    * Academic institution
    * Registered charity
    * Other – please specify below

    Please give the first part of your postcode (If you are responding as a UK resident or business)

    If you are completing this questionnaire on behalf of an organisation/group, please specfy the name of the organisation/group below

    Q9 Where is your organisation’s group/headquarters located?
    (Please tick one answer only)

    * South-East England
    * UK outside South-East
    * Western Europe
    * Eastern Europe
    * North America
    * Central/South America
    * Russia
    * Asia
    * Africa
    * Australasia
    * Don’t know
    * Not applicable

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