BA B2B market positioning statement is: Ignore competitors

February 2, 2008 at 6:17 am | Posted in Airlines, B2B, BA, British Airways, Business, C2C, City-to-City, Marketing, Transatlantic | Leave a comment

We are doing what’s right for our customers. We are not interested in what our competitors are doing.

Willie Walsh, chief executive of BA, turns up his nose at rivals with a line that should come back to haunt him. He is quoted in today’s article from The Times on 2 February 2008:

BA prepares New York flights from London City

by Angela Jameson

Fresh from arguing that Heathrow’s expansion is an economic necessity, British Airways is to launch a business-only service from London City Airport.

As a loyal customer of BA, primarily because they have the world’s most wonderful flight staff, I am concerned that they are being well and truly led down the gardenpath. How can any leader in a highly competitive market sector say “We are not interested in what our competitors are doing.” so boldly and get away with it?

As far as speed and direct connectivity for City to City (C2C?) travel is concerned, look at this:

The new service promises a 15-minute check-in designed to attract workers from the financial services sector. However, BA’s aircraft will be delayed by the need to stop for refuelling on the west coast of Ireland as the Airbus 318 will be unable to take-off with a full fuel load because of the short runway at City.


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