Wine and pancakes!

February 5, 2008 at 4:18 pm | Posted in 100% renewables, Ash Wednesday, Carbon Fast, Lent, Mardi Gras, Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, St. George's Chapel, Zero-carbon | Leave a comment

Today is Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day aka Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday. It is the day before Ash Wednesday, when the church season of Lent begins. Tomorrow, the boys and I will attend the Ash Wednesday service in the Quire of St. George’s Chapel. Words cannot describe how moving that is (but I tried to explain last year).

Carbon Fast is a scheme that I signed up for this year.  It makes more sense these days to give up carbon than chocolate and alcohol, which are not a hardship to eliminate from my diet: a bit of memory- and will-power are all that’s needed.  So I shall commit right now to eliminating those two temptations for Lent, having polished off the remains of red wine and pancakes tonight 😉

Now I shall add carbon to the list of things to give up for Lent. I have to admit that I am not going so far as a zero-carbon diet yet, but our electricity supply comes from 100% renewable sources with no connection to the fossil fuel nor the nuclear power industries, and we do all need to be taking steps that head in that direction >>>


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