Apocalypse? No! Just a cover story

February 11, 2008 at 8:26 am | Posted in Cambridge Union, Cambridge University, Climate change, DVD, Global warming, Monckton | 3 Comments

Apocalypse? No! Front cover
Apocalypse? No! Back cover



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  1. Oh, now that’s a scare story! Is he even supposed to know what he’s talking about, or is he just abusing his title?

  2. Abusing his title? It does give him a forum I suppose, a bit liking being the ex-VP of the USA. Monckton’s academic credentials are a lot better than Al Gore’s (a C minus student in his science classes). More importantly, both Gore and Monckton claim to base their arguments on the peer reviewed work of credible scientists (rather than their own work). That is definitely true for Monckton (he references all his sources), it may even be true for Gore – the very least conlusion a rational person would have to take from Monckton’s video and writings is that the issue of global warming is capable of huge differences of interpretation depending on what scientific reports you subjectively select. Scientific consensus? That is one ‘fact’ in Gore’s version that is unquestionably wrong.

  3. Can you tell me where I can get the DVD Apocalypse NO ? I can seem to find where I can get it sent to me in Canada

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