Cyfarchiadau o Gymru!

February 19, 2008 at 7:44 am | Posted in Daffodils, Greetings, Wales, Welcome, Welsh | 2 Comments

Daffodils in Wales 19 February 2008

Greetings from Wales.  The train guard at Cardiff Central railway station whistled ‘La donna è mobile‘ cheerfully as he walked the platform edge slamming the train doors.  For me, this joyous welcome epitomises a Welsh homecoming.



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  1. How could your heart not be warmed by that traditional Welsh tune?

    We have daffs coming in at St. Bede’s now – somebody asked me on Sunday for the date of St. David’s Day (which I did know).

  2. Hello, Breen. Good for you! I have never met a Welshman who did not know the 1st of March is the feast day of St. David, but there are many Englishmen who do not know when St. George’s Day is … as there is no fuss made over St. George, nor over St. Andrew of Scotland.
    The 1st of March is the feast day of St. David, known as Dydd Gˆwyl Dewi Sant in Welsh. We will be wearing our daffodils or leeks on that day 😉
    Advertisements for celebrations in Cardiff are on display already.

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