BAA/Government attitude to Heathrow children beggars belief

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“… hundreds of schoolchildren (who) will have to go to school within a mile of the proposed runway. BAA and the Government don’t seem to care about any of this and look prepared to bulldoze over our objections. We’re determined not to let that happen,”

Geraldine Nicholson, Chair of the No Third Runway Action Group, speaking earlier this week, when the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, visited Sipson village in Hillingdon. The entire village of 700 family homes would be bulldozed if plans for a third runway are approved.

It was at a Public Meeting in Slough that I first heard about the proximity of the proposed third runway to the schools. I was astonished. There is no way I would want any of my children going to a school within a mile of any runway at the world’s busiest international airport. This plan tops the lot in terms of utter madness. Ministers and chief executives in the aviation industry must be totally heartless to propose and support this inhumane treatment of children and their teachers.

“On every test—environment, economic and quality of life—the argument for expanding Heathrow has not been made and I don’t believe it ever can. We have a duty to protect our environment not just for us, but the generations who will come after us,”

Livingstone concluded.

The Director of Finance Online covers this story under:


Livingstone opposes airport expansion

Written by Adrie van der Luijt

Monday, 18 February 2008


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