David Attenborough signing Life in Cold Blood

February 21, 2008 at 5:32 pm | Posted in Attenborough, Authors, BBC, Broadcasters, Environment, Life in Cold Blood, Natural history, Nature, Recommended books, World-class, YouTube | 3 Comments
David Attenborough signs Life in Cold Blood in Windsor 21 February 2008

We were so fortunate to meet David Attenborough in Windsor this evening! He was signing copies of his latest book, Life in Cold Blood, and also Life on Air.

Such a wonderful man, he arrived at Waterstone’s bookshop 45 minutes ahead of schedule and had been cheerfully signing books for over two hours—without a break or even a glass of water—before we reached his desk. He chose to meet more people behind us, well after the scheduled end of event. Sir David Attenborough is a true gentleman, and a hero.

Needless to say, everyone was thrilled to bits to meet him, and we cannot wait for the next episode of Life in Cold Blood on Monday. Here’s a good clip from the new series showing on BBC:

Spitting Cobra: Life in Cold Blood – BBC One



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  1. Great picture of a great man.
    Nice expression on his face, as if the lucky youngster is the most important person in the world.
    Excellent !

  2. Wow! I would love to meet him!

  3. Amazing ! I’m truly envious – Sir David is nothing less of what you described; a gentleman, and a hero indeed. :]

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