NATS Terminal Control North Airspace Change Proposal

February 21, 2008 at 3:20 am | Posted in Airspace, NATS, Noise disturbance, Visual intrusion | Leave a comment

The National Air Traffic Services (NATS) has published a Terminal Control North Airspace Change Proposal as part of a new consultation on a redesign of airspace used by aircraft arriving and departing London airports. The consultation process runs from Thursday 21 February, 2008 (today) through Thursday 22 May, 2008—a period of 13 weeks.

NATS is seeking feedback on this proposal before submitting it to the UK airspace regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, for a decision.

The new NATS consultation website (Terminal Control North Airspace Change Proposal) is easy to navigate, its layout is clear, and the content on pages I have looked at so far is easy to read.

The short version of Why Change is Needed puts you in the picture, and provides another piece of the puzzle to add to perspectives on proposals for Heathrow expansion.

Download the Consultation Document, or just the section that interests you.

On The Environment, NATS mention visual intrusion. Wow! I cannot remember anything of that sort being mentioned in the DfT Adding capacity at Heathrow airport Consultation Document. Over Windsor, we watch aircraft lowering landing gear ready for arrivals. Though this can be fascinating to watch when it happens occasionally, it is true that as the number of flights increase these amazing technological marvels soon lose their initial charm:

BA aircraft over Long Walk, Windsor Castle, Windsor Great Park on Saturday 16 February 2008

This could be classed as an example of a visual intrusion, overhead on average every 87 seconds through the day and most of the night, on top of the noise lasting for the best part of a minute, perhaps?

On clear days, our previously blue skies above Windsor now look like this:

Contrails crisscross blue sky above Windsor Castle 8 February 2008

We do get high-flying planes from other London airports in our West and North West London Area so check How this affects you (which includes a search by postcode) to see current and proposed flightpaths, if you’re really interested.


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