As (…38s pause…) I write I see why people in (…23s pause…) Colnbrook talk like this

February 22, 2008 at 2:02 am | Posted in Colnbrook, England, English, Flight path, Heathrow, Noise, Pauses, Punctuation, Pupils, Shakespeare, Students, Teachers, Teaching, Windsor | Leave a comment

Punctuation is all. Heathrow expansion must be stopped.

If Shakespeare were writing (…31s pause…) his plays here today, and they were to be performed in Windsor, in order to hear all the words, they would take almost twice as long to (…25s pause…) complete.

Yes, here I sit, cocooned inside our double-glazed house, using the digital clock on my Mac. When I hear a plane approaching I usually carry on regardless, but this time a text illustration of our audible (…33s pause…) nuisance is in order.

(…29s pause)

On top of disturbed sleep every night, how does a plane every 87 seconds currently affect the education of our children, let alone our mental (…28s pause…) health, I wonder?

(…21s pause…)

Heathrow expansion means a doubling of passengers and half as many flights again.

I know of no independent study into the physical and psychological impact of this level of intrusion into our lives, but there must be someone who is knowledgable on the long-term (…22s pause…) effects (which of course do not affect tourists or business people … much … yet!).


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