Pupils Learning in Aviation Noise Environments (PLANE) campaign

February 27, 2008 at 1:57 am | Posted in Children, Education, Flightpaths, Flights, Launch, Noise, PLANE, Planes, Pupils, Schools, Students, Videos, YouTube | 3 Comments

As soon as our youngest son heard about this, he wanted to join!

School fears over airport expansion

Children and MPs are launching a campaign to highlight the noise pollution faced by schools under the Heathrow flight path.

The Plane Campaign (Pupils Learning in Aviation Noise Environments) aims to raise awareness of pupils studying in schools near Heathrow Airport, and call for more insulation and ventilation.

Over 100 MPs have been invited to the launch, at Portcullis House, after which a group of schoolchildren will deliver a letter to 10 Downing Street calling for the Government to ensure they can be educated in an environment free from noise and disruption.

More details in BBC News article Pupils back airport noise limits.

Please do watch this brief powerful clip of flightpath children sharing their hopes for a better world:

This Bright Green Picture by enoughsenough highlights the impact of the current intensity of aviation on children in our region now. We need to reduce this impact, not increase it with proposals for ‘Adding capacity at Heathrow airport‘.



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  1. The future for our children in the fairest educational environment FAR outweighs the need for any more profits by the airlines or BAA.
    A proper audit should be taken every year to show how airlines can make a better environment, with no vague suggestions or ideal situations. Likewise the suggestions have to be implemented with no vague long term promises by the industry. We have had too many of those in the past to trust them one inch.

  2. The Airline industry may promise double glazing to all these schools, most likely another broken promise and over a VERY long time schedule. But whatever they do, how CAN Children play outside the main buildings without planes screaming overhead every 90 seconds or study in a healthier environment inside the school buildings with constantly closed double glazed window.
    They really are flying around in cloud-cuckoo land.

  3. It’s not only Children who suffer from the constant screech of planes overhead, although they are most important. A healthy Teacher is bound to teach better than one suffering this unacceptable noisy polluted atmosphere in his/her ears all the time. They can concentrate better when there is less noise In fact, Teachers can only be as good as their environment.

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