Good news! Greenpeace notes Government “wobbling” over Heathrow

February 28, 2008 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Ayrton Light, British Government, Clock Tower, green, Heathrow, Labour leaders, Ministers, No third runway, Politics, Stop Heathrow Expansion | Leave a comment

One MP told the evening Standard there had been a “wobble” within the Department of Transport about BAA’s proposals. “They are realising this could cost them votes,” he said.

In an attempt to limit the damage, the DfT refused to publish any of the submissions to the consultation, which ended yesterday. Critics claim this is because they are embarrassed that the majority of the responses are opposed to expansion.

Well, I already published my supplementary comments. (I hope you’ll post your own response too.)

Also, I caught the simple Virgin poll that Greenpeace mention the day before it vanished:

Virgin poll on Heathrow expansion 1298-201 26 February 2008

Read the rest of the story by Greenpeace:

***Government “wobbling” over Heathrow***

Green light on Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster 25 February 2008

I hope you read that Greenpeace post 😉

Above the clock faces on the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster a vivid green light shone out from a lantern known as the Ayrton Light. The lantern is lit whenever Parliament is meeting after dark, as it was for emergency voting on Northern Rock legislation on Monday evening. (Personally, because I had no idea what this light indicated when I took the photograph, in my usual optimistic way I interpreted it as a good sign for the end-of-consultation rally.)


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