Palace of Westminster aka Houses of Parliament London at night

March 7, 2008 at 3:37 pm | Posted in Ayrton Light, Big Ben, Clock Tower, Government, green, Houses of Parliament, Lantern, London, Night, Palace of Westminster, Photography, Reflections, River Thames, Sightseeing, Tourism | 4 Comments
Postcard from the Houses of Parliament aka Palace of Westminster London at night 6 March 2008

Apart from having to gracefully decline the request of a tramp who wanted some change for a euphemistic ‘cup of tea’, or alternatively was interested in taking my coffee that I had temporarily perched on top of the wall, the taking of this photograph was uneventful. I wonder what MPs were voting on last night?  [Update: well, the Lords were not up late.  “House adjourned at 5.10 pm.”  And the Commons were not hanging around either.  “Adjourned accordingly at twenty-six minutes past Six o’clock.”  That’s why the Ayrton light shone green at 18:10 for my photos 😉  I was just lucky …]

Postcard of Clock Tower the Houses of Parliament London at night 6 March 2008


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  1. Great colors.. the green trim at the top.. with the gold of the building itself.. marvelous. Good work.

  2. Thanks. Just lucky I guess.
    My daughter and I were admiring these colours earlier this evening. Funny thing is that I cannot remember the sky being that blue yesterday. The lower image is just as I imported it from my camera, though I did crop a few heads belonging to passers-by off the lower edge!

  3. Yes, nice shots inel. London can be such a pretty city.

  4. As I was saying in the other post, the green zone above the clock faces is just part of the Clock Tower’s usual illumination; the Ayrton light is actually the small white spot near the top.

    The green certainly contributes to the beautiful image we are seeing here; there’s nothing wrong with a plain gold lighting, but it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.

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