Leaked Environment Agency response to ‘Adding capacity at Heathrow airport’

March 9, 2008 at 4:43 pm | Posted in Adding capacity, BAA, Climate change, Consultation, Department for Transport, DfT, Documents, EA, Environment Agency, Freedom of Information, Heathrow, Heathrow airport, Heathrow expansion, Justine Greening MP, Modelling, Responses, Reverse engineering | Leave a comment

Sunday Times UK edition Revealed ~ the plot to expand Heathrow 9 March 2008

A Sunday Times UK edition lead story today is:

Revealed: the plot to expand Heathrow

It links to this article:

Evidence fix led to third runway being approved

which is a good piece of investigative journalism supported by documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Justine Greening MP for Putney:

Last, but not least from a climate change perspective, we are also given a link to this:

which raises a variety of environmental concerns about Heathrow expansion in a polite, but clear way.

The Environment Agency has plenty of issues with the DfT’s handling of climate change. You can see them in this copy I marked up:

Marked up copy of EA response to DfT consultation showing extent of climate change concerns

It is ironic that the Department for Transport and BAA appear to have done what climate sceptics claim climate modellers do, i.e. start by identifying the desired outcome, then work backwards with the models to select suitable inputs that fit. This is reverse engineering on a grand scale.


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