Led Zeppelin Night Flight for Ruth Kelly

March 11, 2008 at 8:23 am | Posted in Annoyance, Decibels, Disturbance, Gordon Brown, Heathrow, Heathrow airport, Led Zeppelin, Lyrics, Music, Night Flight, Noise, Nuisance, Physical Graffiti, Ruth Kelly, Volume | 2 Comments

It is fairly well known amongst friends on both sides of the Atlantic that when my husband enters the room in which I work, if I am listening to Led Zeppelin he winces:

“Turn that racket OFF!”

(Hello dear 😉 )

Based on his reaction, perhaps this track, Night Flight from Physical Graffiti, would be good to play for Ruth Kelly at the same volume and at the same time as the night flights we endure.

She may well wince and say:

“Turn that racket OFF!”

… but at least she might finally get the message from Heathrow area that, with noise levels as they are currently, enough’s enough!

(Perhaps we should also entertain Gordon Brown in the same way.)

Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin iTunes album cover artwork

Led Zeppelin – Night Flight Lyrics from Physical Graffiti © 1975

I received a message from my brother across the water
He sat laughin’ as he wrote “The end’s in sight”
So I said goodbye to all my friends
And packed my hopes inside a matchbox
‘Cause I know it’s time to fly

Oh-h-h yeah
Come on, meet me in the morning,
Meet me in the middle of the night
The morning light is comin’,
Don’t it make you wanna go and feel alright


I just jumped a train that never stops,
So now somehow I’ll know I never
Finished payin’ for my ride
Just n’ someone pushed a gun into my hand
Tell me I’m the type of man
To fight the fight that I’ll require


Come on, meet me in the morning,
Won’t you meet me in the middle of the night
The morning light is comin’,
Don’t it make you wanna go and feel alright

Oh, mama, well I think it’s time I’m leavin’
Nothin’ here to make me stay
Whoa, mama, well it must be time I’m goin’
They’re knockin’ down them doors
They’re tryin’ to take me away

Please Mr. Brakeman, won’t you ring your bell
And ring it loud and clear
Please Mr. Fireman, won’t you ring your bell
Tell the people they got to fly away from here

I once saw a picture of a lady with a baby
Southern lady, had a very, very special smile
We are in the middle of a change in destination
When the train stops, all together we will smile
Oh, come on come on now meet me in the morning.
Won’t you meet me in the middle of the night, night, night
Everybody know the mornin’ time is comin’
Don’t it make you wanna feel alright.
Ah, ah, yeah
Make me feel alright.
Fly now, baby
Get to fly, yeah.
Fly now, baby



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  1. Great song. Magnificent album. Best rock band that ever stepped on a stage.

  2. Hi Bobby,

    I agree ~ Led Zeppelin is brilliant.
    Unfortunately, what is music to one person’s ears is noise to another’s.
    The volume setting I choose is the same whether it is Led Zeppelin, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Handel’s Messiah (which I just listened to), Gregori’s Misereri Mei Deus, or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (which I am now enjoying—Money, actually, with Us and Them next) … but the perception of volume and degree of nuisance depends on whether the listener is in the mood to enjoy that selection at that time.
    Also, I sometimes listen with iTunes set to repeat tracks or albums until I have finished an activity or project. Most people find even pleasant sounds annoying when they become repetitive.
    We are dealing with all these subjective issues with noise from Heathrow airport as it stands now, even before expansion plans are on the table.
    Gordon Brown and Ruth Kelly surround themselves with advisors who sing the same song as themselves. They are insulated from the real world. Members of the public, singing a different tune, feel their voices are not heard.

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