Opposition to Heathrow expansion makes West Coast news (LA, I mean, not St. David’s!)

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Activists fight Heathrow expansion

Environmentalists use stunts to spread their message opposing a new runway, which officials say is needed to help bolster the economy.

By Thea Chard, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer on March 16, 2008

A rather melodramatic piece (!), nevertheless it is good to see that opposition to Heathrow expansion is considered worthy of an article for transatlantic travellers, and was published today in the Print Edition, A Section of the LA Times:

You are here: LAT Home > Print Edition > A Section

We do need groups like Greenpeace (latest: Are BAA’s plans in terminal decline?) and Plane Stupid (latest: News leaks out of BAA head’s history) to raise awareness of key threats to the environment, in this case originating from the BAA-Government corner.

The Government and aviation industry, aided by groups that lobby on its behalf (such as Flying Matters and Future Heathrow), ignore the views of anyone who disagrees with their opinions. In the case of proposals for ‘Adding capacity at Heathrow airport‘ this includes turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the well-informed advice and recommendations of leading businessmen, top lawyers, world-class scientists, and locally elected MPs and councils. The latter have set up The 2M Group—an alliance of local authorities (currently 13 boroughs, though there are also County Councils in surrounding areas opposing expansion) to represent the voices of the two million local residents who will suffer increased disturbance from Heathrow airport, should it be permitted to expand.

Check out Stop Heathrow Expansion, Stop Stansted Expansion, ‘Stop Luton Expansion‘, NoTRAG (No Third Runway Action Group) and Enough’s Enough for campaign materials like this (reproduced on my Banda machine for you 😉 ):

Make Gordon listen enoughsenough Enough’s Enough!  Banda version 16 March 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle has not run a story on Heathrow expansion, yet. Let’s hope they pick up on this one too!


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