Does Ruth Kelly drive a Toyota Prius?*

March 19, 2008 at 3:23 am | Posted in Climate change, Communications, Environment, Industry, Infrastructure, Transport | 3 Comments

Does the Secretary of State for Transport have any idea of the massive improvements required in Britain’s transport and communications infrastructure and industries in order to address climate change and compete in world markets effectively? Does she have a sense of urgency and a commitment to lead, and encourage others to adopt, beneficial actions to reduce carbon emissons? Just wondering, after reading this tale:

Observer: Try something else

If the mole’s report is authentic, then Ruth Kelly’s suggestion is embarrassing, to put it mildly. (With this lack of imagination, no amount of time at the drawing board will produce anything worth admiring.)

* and if she did, would that convince you to buy one?!



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  1. I’m surprised the rest of them didn’t offer an alternative, something like the Lexus LS600h L. Sainbury’s chief executive Justin King has BBC in a tizzy because of his new-found “green” credentials sitting in the back of the Lexus hybrid. King and the BBC admit it only gets 30mpg (but that’s a big improvement on 17-18mpg apparently) and pours out twice as much CO2 as smaller cars. But hey, it’s a hybrid and it’s green. With that sort of thinking, I’d have thought it would be an instant winner with politicians…

  2. Hello Stonehead,
    I think you summed it up nicely. According to Lexus marketing:
    “The Lexus LS Hybrid sedan can be described as stylish, progressive, distinctive, innovative, prestigious, bold and powerful.”
    Ruth Kelly’s idea seems to be that, on an individual basis and by their choice of vehicle, politicians can lead public opinion in the right direction, fast enough. Ahem. No wonder we have economic and environmental problems.
    In a cabinet discussion that should instead focus on transport strategy for the country—with all its implications for energy security and climate change—I found her remark (if true) …
    … horrifying!

  3. P.S. There are so many huge disconnects between the UK Climate Change Bill (as introduced and see its progress in Parliament) and Department for Transport strategy outlined in ‘Towards a Sustainable Transport System: Supporting Economic Growth in a Low Carbon World‘ and DfT proposals in completecondoc for ‘Adding capacity at Heathrow airport’ and Ruth Kelly’s reported (purported?) suggestion for MPs to use hybrid vehices. That, I suppose, is what I am reacting to.

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