Easter Day in Windsor Great Park

March 23, 2008 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Copper Horse, Deer, Deer Park, George III, George IV, Photography, Statue, Windsor, Windsor Castle, Windsor Great Park | 1 Comment

Wild deer in Deer Park of Windsor Great Park on Easter Day 23 March 2008

During today’s Easter Day walk in Windsor Great Park, I was amazed to see such a large number of animals grazing quite calmly in the Deer Park, on the same side of the fence as me. (No, I was not grazing.) In fact, never before have I seen so many wild deer alongside the Long Walk—the popular path leading from Windsor Castle to the famous Copper Horse:

George III on Copper Horse in Windsor Great Park on Easter Day 23 March 2008

Poor old George III. He is sitting up there on the Copper Horse, and in this statue commissioned by his son, George IV, the father is depicted as a (stirrupless) Roman emperor. He is meant to be pointing towards Windsor Castle (so I’m told), but it looks like he is waving towards Slough!

Look at the inscription on the base of the Copper Horse statue:


That means, in English:

George III
The best of fathers
King George.

I always feel sad for both Georges. By all accounts, their relationship was not good. It seems as though the son set up a statue to mock the father. The Copper Horse may be a well-known sight, but its tale is not exactly inspiring. Still, it makes a focal point for a brilliant walk.

The horse itself looks petrified as it is being led over the edge of a precipice:

Copper Horse looking petrified as it is led over the precipice 23 March 2008

(More interesting details about the Copper Horse, King George III and Windsor Great Park are available on the Royal Insight pages.)


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  1. I had wondered about that statue… thanks!

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