Happy Easter! Peace window in Canterbury Cathedral

March 23, 2008 at 7:36 am | Posted in Anglican, Bossanyi, Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral, Children, Christ, Christianity, Church, Colourful, Easter Day, England, Peace window, Photography, Stained glass, World | 3 Comments

Here’s a striking modern stained glass window that a helpful guide in Canterbury Cathedral drew our attention to a few weeks ago:

Peace window in southeast transept of Canterbury Cathedral 19 January 2008

Detail of the Peace Window (1956) by Ervin Bossanyi in the southeast transept. It depicts Christ in Glory welcoming children of all nations.

The brief description is from Sacred Destinations’ Photo of Peace Window. I’d recommend their Photo Gallery for detailed views and descriptions of many of the windows in Canterbury Cathedral.

My photos of the Resurrection in the Corona Redemption Window were taken hastily, and at the time I did not know what I was looking at (next time I will appreciate these windows better). Meantime, this closeup Photo of Resurrection of Christ is a good example of thousands of colourful illustrations in glass all around this vast cathedral.

Yes, we did wake up to the excitement of snow falling here, and I did attend Easter Day services in St. George’s Chapel today. Magnificent.



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  1. What a pretty window

  2. I had not been to Canterbury Cathedral before, and was amazed at the quantity, quality and sheer variety of stained glass windows in one building. Many of them are well-known medieval masterpieces. This one is a modern masterpiece, and not only does the theme appeal to children (and the young at heart), but it is in a Disney animation style!

  3. Mary Caldwell,the creator of Rupert Bear, was from Canterbury and is well represented in the local museum.She came from a family of stained glass window makers and restorers.Her brothers Sam and Edmund did restoration work in the Cathedral and original work elsewhere.But in the cathedral,Bossanyi shines out.

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