Windsor Castle guardsman in snow

April 6, 2008 at 3:12 am | Posted in Windsor Castle | 2 Comments
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The guard on duty in his snow-covered hut this morning:

Windsor Castle Guardsman in snow on 6 April 2008

I think he is from the 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards, normally stationed at Victoria Barracks (just down the road past the Guildhall and round the corner towards Ascot).

Thanks to t for telling me that this is a Grenadier Guardsman.  I really need to learn the button arrangements, as the white plume is not easily visible here (looks more like snowflakes falling).

This reminds me I have dozens of pictures of guards that I should make time to sort and post online …



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  1. He is a Grenadier Guardsman

  2. Thank you for correcting my mistake, t. Did you see my other page with pictures of the Band of the Grenadier Guards here:
    25 March 2008 rehearsals for Sarkozy State Visit to Windsor
    (If I have misidentified those too, please let me know.)

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