Kiss’ n’ fly at T5 I LOVE YOU

April 15, 2008 at 5:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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Kiss'n'Fly at T5 I LOVE YOU candles advertising on 15 April 2008

We reached spacious and specious T5 to find there are plenty of multimedia reminders for kiss’ n’ fliers. For example, we watched a variety of ‘I LOVE YOU’ images being created on screen after check in. Personally, I was disappointed these ads were not multilingual 😦

So much for an international gateway to/for the 21st century.

What about:





for starters?

Admittedly, Welsh does look rather inefficient, in terms of the number of candles required—not to mention those tricky apostrophes needed for Welsh and French alike—but Italian still beats English for getting the message across in the most succinct and romantic fashion 😉

Unfortunately, I was reminded of the story in the Times about the man who wanted to treat his girlfriend at St. Pancras, in Station champagne romance hits health and safety buffers—a sad tale about Great British bureaucracy extinguishing the flames of romance before they were even lit! This must be why Heathrow sticks to videos of candles, in suspended animations from the ceiling …

I LOVE YOU suspended animations from Heathrow T5 ceiling on 15 April 2008




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  1. Update: My husband has been sitting on a plane on the tarmac at T5 for the past three hours. His flight has allegedly had engine, fuel, baggage and paperwork problems so far. What’s next?
    Thanks for this link, Sarah:

    BA execs leave after Terminal 5 disaster
    By Kevin Done, Aerospace Correspondent
    Published: April 15 2008 14:36 | Last updated: April 15 2008 16:29

  2. Good to hear there were some sackings over this fiasco!

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaw

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