Best of British Airways: Global face commercial

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Before we walk to Sipson on 31 May 2008 to protest peacefully against Heathrow expansion by spelling out the world’s largest NO, I have to show you an all-time favourite TV ad.  This memorable commercial is such a joy to watch.  In fact, it makes me hope someone will be flying “up there” filming our antics as we use our own bodies to say NO on the grounds of Sipson War Memorial.

Classic Commercial – British Airways (1990) (1:30 Version)

Global face (1990/Great Britain): 

This is possibly one of the best-known British Airways commercials, directed by Hugh Hudson.

A group of swimmers in red arrive on the shore, while a group in blue comes from the city, and a group in white is on a field.

“Every year, the World’s Favourite Airline brings 24 million people together”, the announcer says, while people from around the world embrace.

The last frame shown above this description does not give justice to the beauty of this commercial’s ending. 

The music is Malcolm McLaren’s “Aria on Air”, which resembles both Yanni’s “Aria” and the so-called “Flower Duet”. 

Perhaps this commercial was so beautiful and is so well-known that in 2007, it was spoofed in a Silverjet TV commercial.


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  1. Ahh… good ol’ BA

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