Medical Doctor’s health advice on Heathrow expansion

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Published: Friday, 13th June, 2008 13:00
Doctor’s Heathrow warning
By Ruth Moulden

A DOCTOR is warning the people of Slough they face extra health risks and even death if Heathrow airport is allowed to expand.

Dr Jerry Thompson, of Ragstone Road Surgery, said the town already has the highest level of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease in the county.

Speaking to the Observer this week he said:

“The thing about Slough is that it has got very high levels of mortality anyway.

“Particulates [particles found in emissions] are particularly associated with cardiovascular disease and the rate of heart disease goes up both in the short term and in the long term. If you increase the particulate level you see changes in mortality.

“We don’t want any more pollution in an already polluted area. It is a stupid place to have an airport expansion when we have got so much pollution already.

“Obviously people will be affected by it and there will probably be increases in mortality.”

Dr Thompson previously cited an example of pollution levels that already exist.  He said:

“Back in 2006 Slough Council turned down an application to convert Rogan’s garage in Colnbrook into flats.

“The reason was that pollution levels, mainly nitrous dioxide, were above legal limits. Any flats would have needed to be built with un-openable windows and an air filtration system.

“By inference, going outdoors in that part of Colnbrook would be hazardous. Obviously it makes no sense to add to this pollution either with incinerators or with the additional aircraft movements that will come from an expanded airport.”




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  1. Heathrow airport should not be allowed to expand.

  2. Dear Allan,

    I know many people who agree with you, for many different reasons. Certainly, the case for expansion has not yet been made, and I doubt it ever will be.

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