Tea at Windsor Castle today for George and his wife … B-b-b-barbara?!

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Giant Royal Standard on top of Round Tower Windsor Castle for HM Queen Elizabeth II\'s 82nd birthday In Residence 21 April 2008

Call me naïve, but although I am well aware you cannot believe all you read, I would have thought that someone would proof read reports like Security tight for Bush visit from The Press Association before printing them. The Yorkshire Post and Western Mail/icWales cannot be expected to know the name of the First Lady, but RedOrbit, a website in Texas, should at least have picked this one up and corrected it, on behalf of Laura! Look at these excerpts:

The President and his wife Barbara will have tea with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle on Sunday afternoon.

Later they will have dinner with Mr Brown and his wife at 10 Downing Street.

Security tight for Bush visit from The Press Association

Security tight for Bush visit from icWales

Heathrow said it was used to dealing with high-profile visitors with “minimal effect” on other passengers.

“We are unable to discuss specific details of VIP visits,” a spokesman for the airport said.

“However, we have well-rehearsed plans for dealing with VIP arrivals and departures with minimal effect on Heathrow’s operations.”

The Queen, joined by the Duke of Edinburgh, will host a meeting with the US leader and his wife Barbara at Windsor Castle tomorrow.

Mr Bush is expected to have a meeting with Mr Brown on the same day.

The informal gathering at Berkshire’s royal residence will see the Queen and Prince Philip sit down to enjoy afternoon tea with the outgoing President and his spouse and America’s Ambassador to Britain, Robert Tuttle, and his wife Maria.

(c) 2008 Yorkshire Post.

‘Seven-Hour Heathrow Backlog’ Alert on Bush Visit from Yorkshire Post

‘Seven-Hour Heathrow Backlog’ Alert on Bush Visit from RedOrbit Texas

which just goes to show how important it is to search for original sources, verify basic facts, and proof read to the best of your ability before publishing someone else’s material!

P.S. President Bush does have a daughter named Barbara, as well as a mother named Barbara (who was First Lady and is the wife of his father, and former president, George), but as far as I know, his wife is still named Laura!


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  1. The Germans are at it too—calling Laura Barbara!

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