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With no apologies to Michael Palin, I’d like to know how Finbar Taggit embeds CNBC Squawk Box to load automatically when you visit his FiNTAG website.  In any case, it seems the only way I can get CNBC video to work on my Macs is to visit his site, so I’ll carry on regardless … and recommend you do get a Mac, FT

>>>The rest of this post is now out-of-date, because the video clip that loads automatically changes daily, but the following note explains why I linked to FiNTAG today<<<

So, go ahead—if it’s still thu 03 july 2008 UK time and you are preparing to head out for Fourth of July celebrations tomorrow—just visit FiNTAG today.  You’ll see Tom Petrie, Merrill Lynch Vice Chairman, talking about “practical peak oil” and that other guy (?) getting excited about future plays, cheerfully telling us “unconventional resources have yet to be tapped in any material way”—oil sands in Canada, oil shale in Colorado, …

Basically, their idea of alternative energy is expensive, hard-to-access, unconventional version of what regular energy guys understand as regular energy (i.e. oil).  Nowt abowt renewables.  The fact that we are simply digging ourselves deeper into a deep hole as far as GHG emissions are concerned is probably lost on the Squawk Box crowd there …



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