Happy, Happy Fourth of July!

July 3, 2008 at 11:59 am | Posted in America, Fourth of July, USA | 5 Comments
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Stars and Stripes flying on boat moored at Sausalito 31 May 2004

Stars and Stripes blowing in the breeze in Sausalito on a California blue sky day.

Happy, Happy Fourth of July!
The lads and I do so wish we could enjoy the fireworks with you, though I hear there are none at Stanford University this year. So will you be heading down to Shoreline Blvd or up to Foster City?



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  1. We’ll be skipping fireworks and attending two parties (Berkeley and Palo Alto) with lots of food.

    It’s a good tradeoff!

  2. Hi Breen,

    Nice to hear from you! Berkeley and PA sound good. As for me, I have just come back from Eton Wine Bar, where we had a parents’ dinner with school friends. Twenty years ago, I sat on the same bar stool, and had a job interview there … funny how times change 😉

  3. Hopefully Foster City!! I’ll take lots of pictures for you to make up for your absence… 😉

  4. Dear Bethan,

    Thank you so-o-o-o much! Please say “Hi!” to all who know us. You can tell them that we have a California blue sky day here in Windsor today—gorgeous! Also, if I walk through Grosvenor Square later today, I’ll try to get a good picture of the American Eagle and the Stars and Stripes flying over the US Embassy on Independence Day.

    P.S. Blue sky didn’t last long, so looks like a brolly day 😉

  5. Yes, today we Brits will celebrate our liberation from the obligations and burden of managing the US economy and population over 200 years ago. As a sweetener, the newly created USA also took Texas off our hands a century later !

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