UK’s CO2 emissions higher than official figures, government admits

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So writes David Adam in the Guardian today, Thursday July 3, 2008:

UK’s CO2 emissions higher than official figures, government admits

No surprises there, eh? [Well, none apart from the fact that the government is finally admitting something … or is it? Ed.]

The article concludes:

… The report was commissioned by Defra and prepared by experts at the Stockholm Environment Institute and the University of Sydney.

It follows a series of analyses over the last year that have pointed out that official government figures underestimate the UK’s contribution to global warming.

In December, a team of economists led by Dieter Helm at Oxford University, said UK progress on cutting greenhouse gases was an “illusion”. Counting pollution from aviation, shipping, overseas trade and tourism, which are not measured in the official figures, meant that emissions of UK greenhouse gases – not just CO2 – have risen 19% since 1990.

Officially, Britain’s output is 15% lower over that period – placing it on track to meet its 12.5% target under the Kyoto Protocol.

Setting aside aviation and shipping, the article draws attention to the uncounted extra emissions sourced outside national boundaries for the products we import to continue our all-consuming lifestyles.  Hmmm … I wonder where the US stands by comparison, bearing in mind all those dirt-cheap imports from Asia …?


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