AVAAZ ad in FT delivered to G8 leaders’ hotel rooms on 8 July 2008

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Hello Kiddies FT ad delivered to G8 leaders 8 July 2008

Hello Kiddies FT ad delivered to G8 leaders 8 July 2008


Fukuda, Harper, and Bush are blocking climate emissions targets for 2020 that scientists say must be enacted to prevent a climate catastrophe. Now 176,697* citizens of more than 190 nations have signed this message to the G8 leaders:

The world can’t wait for urgent action on climate change and it is your responsibility to take the lead. We urge you to set binding targets to cut greenhouse gases by 2020, in line with what scientists say is needed to avert a climate catastrophe. Rich countries must help developing countries adapt and embrace a clean-energy future, and all must do their fair share to reduce emissions in time. Our common humanity demands nothing less.

This is the text of the ad which appears in tomorrow’s FT, a copy of which AVAAZ will deliver to each delegate’s hotel room.  Of course, that does not mean that Fukuda, Harper and Bush will see it, but the other delegates may laugh or cry at their expense.

To add your signature to the petition, visit AVAAZ Harper, Fukuda, Bush: Climate 2020!

*at time of sending to FT for printing, I presume, as there are now 192,931 signatories and counting …


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