Ruth Kelly delays decision on Heathrow third runway expansion

July 8, 2008 at 7:37 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Good. Latest news from the Telegraph website:

Ruth Kelly delays decision on Heathrow third runway expansion
Last Updated: 2:28pm BST 08/07/2008

Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly has put off making a decision about expansion plans at Heathrow Airport including a third runway.

A decision was expected next month but will now be made “before the end of the year”.

Miss Kelly said there was still work to be done in assessing the views of 70,000 individuals and organisations who were consulted on the expansion plans.

Now, I wonder if the decision will be “announced” sometime between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day?


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  1. HACAN just issued this response to Ruth Kelly’s statement on Heathrow:
    The statement (from Ruth Kelly) is not too surprising. Following the consultation into expansion which ended on 27th February, the Department for Transport unexpectedly found itself having to do more work in two areas.
    First, lawyers acting for HACAN and some other campaigning groups wrote to the DfT to ask why an Equalities Impact Assessment had not been done. The DfT acknowledged it had not been done, as it should have been, but they were now doing that. It is this which Ruth Kelly is referring to.
    Second, it appears that the DfT is doing more work on assessing whether Heathrow can expand and still stay within the EU air pollution legal limits. The Government’s own environmental advisers, the Environment Agency, in its response to the consultation doubted that it could.
    If the Government had not carried out an Equalities Impact Assessment and/or if it completely ignored the views of the Environment Agency, it would have left itself open to a legal challenge.
    John Stewart, Chair HACAN said, “We regard Ruth Kelly’s statement as merely an attempt to try and forestall any legal challenge. It is a sign that the Government’s case for expansion remains very shaky indeed.”
    John Stewart
    Chair HACAN

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