Phishing is not limited to emails

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The kids asked for a simple explanation of phishing.  Here’s one from UK FRAUD:


Phishing is the act of sending an email to a potential victim while falsely claiming to be an established enterprise, such as a bank. The aim of sending this email is to attempt to scam the individual into giving private information that will be used for identity theft. The email will direct the individual to a website where they will be asked to update personal information, such as passwords, national insurance numbers and bank details. These emails often state that it is necessary for the individual to provide the information requested to prevent the account from being suspended. This email will be sent to a large number of people, seeking out account holders who will identify with the content of the email and therefore fall for the scam and submit their details. With this personal information the fraudster can do a number of things, such as stealing the identity of the person who provided the information, and attacking that persons bank account.

5% of recipients respond to spam emails, and as a result of this response, providing their personal details, a new identity is created and fraudulent acts are committed on that new identity.

Instead of sending emails, some fraudsters write comments on blogs.  That’s how the WGGWCC climate change conference scam came to my attention.

What I found disconcerting was the WGGWCC registration form‘s emphasis on collecting travel details and passport numbers as well as a separate false hotel website designed to catch bank/credit card information.


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