Beyond 11/4: From Stephen Schneider, Hunter Lovins, David Orr and Ross Gelbspan

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Please Forward Widely 

To: Faculty, students & staff; members of faith communities; citizens

From: Ross Gelbspan, Hunter Lovins, David Orr,  Stephen Schneider and Eban Goodstein

An Invitation to Help Build The National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions, February 5th, 2009

The coming months will be defining moments for America, and the future of life on Earth. The new President and Congress can set the stage to stop global warming. Unless the US government acts soon, the window to hold warming to the best-case of 3-4 degrees F will close for our children, forever. We have little time left.

Electing clean energy leaders is critical, but it is only the first step. After 11/4, what will you do to help break through business-as-usual gridlock in Washington , and change the future, in 2009? 

Join us to build the biggest clean energy mobilization the US has ever seen: The National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions. At the beginning of the critical first 100 days of the new administration, you can help engage millions of Americans to demand clean energy solutions to global warming. The 2009 National Teach-In will focus specifically on recommendations from The Presidential Climate Action Project. 

Last January, many of you participated in what was to date the largest teach-in in US history. Involving over 1900 schools and other institutions, the event empowered student and citizen leadership across the country. Together, we engaged with national leaders in the kind of dialogue that can change America. Next February 5th, to impact the direction of the country, we need your help to mobilize twice as many institutions, and millions of  students and citizens. See how to get involved!

A clean energy future can revitalize our economy and communities. That vision is moving America beyond a fatalistic acceptance of global warming, beyond the paralyzing idea that we must pass on to our children an impoverished planet. Sign up today and help ignite the grassroots movement demanding clean energy solutions to global warming!

For information on building a Teach-in at your institution, contact The National Teach-In Director Professor Eban Goodstein and the National Teach-In staff. 

Thanks for the work you are doing.


Join Ross Gelbspan  for the first National Teach-in Organizing Phone Call, Wednesday September 19th, Noon Eastern. Calls will be the first and third Wednesdays of every month, so mark your calendars! Watch for future guest appearances by Betsy Taylor, Hunter Lovins, Gus Speth Jessy Tolken, and Bill McKibben.  Call in number is 1-218-339-7800, passcode 020509.

Teach-In News

Clif Bar, a national leader in corporate sustainability, joins the National Teach-in as a partner. Forty Percent of Car Trips are within two miles of your home: Take Clif Bar’s Two-Mile Challenge and ride or walk instead!

Green Jobs Now 9.27Join this national day of action, and help revitalize ’s economy.

PowerVote: This fall,  help sign up 1 million young climate voters!

Climate Video Contest: From 1-Sky and Brighter Planet.

The President’s Climate Commitment: Has your University or College President signed on?

New Books & Videos on Fighting Global Warming

On video: Jon Isham and Eban Goodstein talk about their recent books on building the global warming solutions movement–  Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction (Goodstein) andIgnition (Isham and Waage)

Other recent books of note: Gary Braasch’s Earth Under Fire; and Gary and Lynn Cherry’s How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming, Laurie David’s Down to Earth Guide; Jay Inslee and Bracken Hendrick’s Apollo’s Fire and  Fight Global Warming Now from Step it Up.

Global Warming Organizing Films: Everything’s Cool (Dan Gold and Judith Helfand);  Revolution Green (Stephen Stout and Jessica Kelly)


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