Earth: The Climate Wars 9pm BBC2 (11:10pm Scotland)

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Reminder: the final episode of this 3-part series is on tonight, Sunday 21 September 2008.  This time I hope to watch the programme live 😉

From the BBC website:

New Challenges

Having explained the science behind global warming, and addressed the arguments of the climate change sceptics earlier in the series, in this third and final part Dr Iain Stewart looks at the biggest challenge now facing climate scientists. Just how can they predict exactly what changes global warming will bring?

It’s a journey that takes him from early attempts to model the climate system with dishpans, to supercomputers, and to the frontline of climate research today: Greenland. Most worryingly he discovers that scientists are becoming increasingly concerned that their models are actually underestimating the speed of changes already underway.

Check out Episodes from 2008 for Earth: The Climate Wars—see the schedule for part 1, The Battle Begins, and part 2, Fightback, and watch online, for a limited time only.  Good news is that the series has been scheduled to be shown again on BBC1, starting at 01:30 next Saturday, 27 September 2008.


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