Monckton’s ‘fairness complaint’ against Earth: The Climate Wars

September 28, 2008 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

(this image is taken from a poster produced challenging Al Gore to debate 'Global Warming is not a Crisis')

BBC investigated after peer says climate change programme was biased ‘one-sided polemic’

By Tamara Cohen in the Daily Mail
Last updated at 2:54 AM on 27th September 2008

The BBC is being investigated by television watchdogs after a leading climate change sceptic claimed his views were deliberately misrepresented.

Lord Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, says he was made to look like a ‘potty peer’ on a TV programme that ‘was a one-sided polemic for the new religion of global warming’.

Earth: The Climate Wars, which was broadcast on BBC 2, was billed as a definitive guide to the history of global warming, including arguments for and against.

During the series, Dr Iain Stewart, a geologist, interviewed leading climate change sceptics, including Lord Monckton. But the peer complained to Ofcom that the broadcast had been unfairly edited.

‘I very much hope Ofcom will do something about this,’ he said yesterday.

‘The BBC very gravely misrepresented me and several others, as well as the science behind our argument. It is a breach of its code of conduct.

‘I was interviewed for 90 minutes and all my views were backed up by sound scientific data, but this was all omitted. They made it sound as if these were just my personal views, as if I was some potty peer. It was caddish of them.’

Ofcom confirmed it was looking into a ‘fairness complaint’ about the documentary.

A BBC spokesman said: ‘We stand by the programme.’

Lord Monckton, 56, a former journalist and Cambridge graduate, says scientific data shows the world is cooler today than in the Middle Ages.

He appeared alongside other sceptics including distinguished Florida-based meteorologist Professor Fred Singer, John Christy, a climate change expert and adviser to the U.S. government and the climatologist Dr Patrick Michaels, of the University of Virginia.

All their interviews, he claims, were heavily cut so that they appeared as personal views.

‘We do not dispute that there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but we do dispute its effects’, he said. ‘The data shows that 2008 is the same temperature as 1980 and that the effects of these changes in the atmosphere are not negative but more likely to be beneficial.’

Lord Monckton played a key role in a legal challenge heard in the High Court in October 2007 in an effort to prevent Al Gore’s film on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, from being shown in English schools.



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  1. Looking like a ‘potty peer’? Well, the kids did laugh when Monckton appeared on telly, doing what could be described as a good impression of Rowan Atkinson with remarkable eyeballs—but that’s no reason not to take him seriously!

  2. Ho ho. Well this is funny – at last something Monckton and I agree on: E:TCW is grossly misleading!

  3. Tee hee. Yes, william, you might well find you have now qualified to become a member of the select inner circle of advisers to policymakers who wish to do nothing about global warming “until the science is settled”. Unfortunately, this is nothing to be proud of 😐

  4. What is the line about being agitated by a bag of wind?

  5. Monckton could be regarded simply as an entertaining old windbag—if our climate challenge were not such a serious matter and he were an isolated case.
    Unfortunately, he has connections.

  6. Monckton’s whole act is that he has to be taken seriously, not.

  7. Exactly, Eli. Monckton demands respect, because he cannot earn it. As a self-styled superhero who already believes only he knows all the right answers, he fails to stop talking long enough to listen to alternative world views and value propositions. (Ref: Monckton saves the day!)

  8. When will the majority notice that the only people who doubt global warming are old, rich industrialists (who usually inherited the business) with bruised egos. (Their profits margins are never hurting.) Bob Lutz, former CEO of Chrysler, was on the Colbert Report recently. Even though he doesn’t believe in global warming, he was putting his wealth into the Chevy Volt, the electric vehicle. Of course, he claimed that he was in the good company of “32000 other top scientists” in doubting global warming. Will this group of scientists who became scientist by virtue of signing a statement that proclaims them a scientist ever die?
    When will people notice that the only thing the climate change doubters have is a belief, and not one shred of data?
    I hope the BBC tells this old fart to f**k off unless he can produce data.
    This is the most stifling thing here in the US. People start their sentences with “I think” and “I believe”, and they truly believe that their superstitions and worthless opinions are more valuable and truthful than a century’s worth of scientific research.
    And, when I tell people “who cares what you think”, they get offended. Reality no longer seems to matter to conservatives. Perfect example is the financial meltdown in the US. Some still believe that deregulation works!!
    Achh, when will be rid of the yoke ignorance? Obviously, the fall of Nazism and communism didn’t end the reign of ignorance. Now, if only “capitalism” will meet with the same demise.

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