Oil & Gas UK welcomes new Dept. for Energy and Climate Change

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Yesterday I began collecting reactions to the “birth announcement” of the Department for Energy and Climate Change in Her Majesty’s Government.

As more comments appeared online and became available to me, I added to my initial post, New UK Dept. for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) under Miliband. In summary, the creation of a new department with responsibility for both energy policy and climate change policy is widely recognised as making a lot of sense: its mere existence actually facilitates joined-up thinking! (What a concept.) The formation of DECC and appointment of Ed Miliband as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has already been welcomed by the CBI (Confederation for British Industry), SDC (Sustainable Development Commission), REA (Renewable Energy Association), Carbon Trust and environmental groups.

Now I am keeping an eye out for reactions from key players in the energy sector: oil and gas industry, nuclear, gas- and coal-fired electricity generation and distribution.  Hence this new post 😉

Of course, in our celebrity culture, the big bright spotlight is beaming on Mandelson, the new head of BERR—people are surprised and fascinated by his return, and there’s plenty to talk about—so it’s up to bloggers to draw attention to the creation of DECC, and point out significant changes that are typically overlooked by the mainstream media—such as the fact that UK energy policy is no longer the responsibility of BERR and Miliband will not be reporting to Mandelson!

Here’s the response from the leading representative organisation for the UK offshore oil and gas industry:

Oil & Gas UK welcomes newly created Department for Energy and Climate Change

… and here’s a reaction from the nuclear industry:

UK nuclear loses Hutton, gains climate change

[Update: in Mandelson ‘good for UK business’ today BBC News quotes Miliband on BBC Radio 4.  I have to warn you that if this is from this morning’s TODAY programme interview with Ed Miliband, it is not worth linking to, let alone listening to.  John Humphrys hardly touched on the new Department for Energy and Climate Change and Miliband’s role in it, preferring instead to take up time for the usual teasing gossip—much ado about Mandelson—with a quick question on Miliband’s likely policy for coal-fired power stations such as Kingsnorth squeezed in before time ran out.  Ugh!)

Mr Miliband said the creation of the new Department for Energy and Climate Change was a recognition that the two issues must be considered in tandem.

He told BBC Radio 4: “This new department… reflects the fact that energy policy and climate change policy are inextricably linked, but they’ve been separate in government.

“With the majority of carbon emissions coming from our use of energy, it’s right to bring them together.”

The reshuffle could force Conservative leader David Cameron to follow suit with his shadow cabinet to take account of the changes made to the government, including the creation of the new department.



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