Good for America! Good news for the world, and our planet

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Yes, I shed tears of joy when Barack Obama’s victory was confirmed.  There is very little I wish to add to that, other than to thank everyone who voted to make change possible.  The excitement is palpable in London, so I can only imagine what it would feel like to be in Palo Alto now.

Oh, too brief, so you’d like a few links?  OK.  Here are a few I found intriguing on this wonderful day, of all days:

  • Some technology fundraising numbers for the kids (who were not surprised at all) …

Apple and Google backed Obama to the hilt

  • You’ve seen the Tesla Motors showroom in Menlo Park, and swooned over that orange and grey Tesla parked on University Avenue, Palo Alto.  Now what more will be needed?

VLAB EVENT – The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: What’s It Going To Take To Go Electric?

  • This commentary in Forbes provides today’s jubilant post-election context for clean ventures Stateside, and especially in Silicon Valley.  Environmental policy—and all who benefit from it being effective—may turn out to be the real winners as a result of yesterday’s election:

The Triumph of the Creative Class


  • It seems that key clean tech and clean energy stakeholders and climate change activists in America are gearing up to make an impact on energy and climate policies ASAP, especially with an eye on international climate talks to take place in December 2009 in Copenhagen.  Examples include this

Campaign Memo from EDF which states:

As a new U.S. president takes his place at the table, our team will work to bring the United States and the European Union closer together on international climate policy. There are still significant differences of position, and the coming months will be critical to resolving them. As the clock ticks, it becomes ever more crucial that Americans and Europeans work together to forge a strong agreement. In fact, the success of the global talks in Copenhagen may well depend upon it.

  • Finally, this struck me as a slightly silly angle from Bloomberg, rather like asking which comes first—the chicken or the egg?
Obama May Put Renewable-Energy Plan Ahead of Climate Package
There will still be tough times and plenty of challenges ahead, but global sustainable solutions have a much better chance of success going forward.  And now hope and optimism have been revived, and that’s just what the doctor ordered.  After all, it is not as though people have not had a clue what needs to be done to address climate change and energy security issues before now.  The main problem has been lack of political will.  Now that the will to do good and the drive for change have been demonstrated at the grassroots level, the ripple up (instead of a trickle down) must be supported and sustained until effective actions are clear to all, in terms of energy security and climate change.
Signing off now because we are celebrating a family birthday here, as well as Bonfire Night 😉

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