EDM 2344 and Heathrow event at Westminster 5pm 11 November 2008

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Below is an edited version of an email from HACAN encouraging people who are against the expansion of Heathrow to congregate peacefully and lawfully outside the Palace of Westminster today.  This is to coincide with an instant debate on Heathrow expansion, which was itself triggered by an Early Day Motion (EDM 2344) that has been gaining signatures since it was proposed on 27 October 2008.

Currently, the Printable Early Day Motion 2344 shows there are 141 signatures.  See if your MP is on the list, and if you’re in the Westminster area this afternoon, and are not in favour of adding capacity at Heathrow, why not go along?  All you have to do is gather opposite the Houses of Parliament to show your support.  (Our MP has signed, and if I were free at 5pm, I would be there to demonstrate my concern over conflicting transport and climate policies in person.)

The text of the EDM is:

That this House urges the Government to rethink its plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport and to give full consideration to alternative solutions; regrets the Government’s heavy reliance on data supplied by the BAA in assessing the case for expansion and notes the likely forthcoming break up of BAA’s ownership of three of London’s airports following the investigation by the Competition Committee; believes that the consultation paper Adding Capacity at Heathrow Airport was deeply flawed, as it paid insufficient regard to the costs of air and noise pollution in the surrounding areas and the commitment to curb carbon dioxide emissions to tackle climate change; regrets the fact that provisions to improve high speed rail lines from Heathrow to major cities have not been fully explored, along with the potential of other UK airports to handle more long haul flights; and urges the Government to initiate a consultation on a new national planning policy statement on the theme of airports and high speed rail.

Last week, The Economist laid into plans to expand Heathrow too:

The right side of the argument

Here’s the heads-up from John Stewart:


Dear All,

Tuesday 11th November, 5pm gather opposite the Houses of Parliament

to coincide with the instant debate on Heathrow expansion

Geoff Hoon, the Transport Secretary, under pressure on Heathrow, has called for an instant debate.

… the Government has called a major debate on Heathrow expansion in the House of Commons for this Tuesday 11th November.

It is not the decision about Heathrow expansion.  That is expected in December.  This debate has been prompted by the fact that 50 Labour MPs have signed an Early Day Motion opposing expansion at Heathrow.  It is an important debate.

 … many MPs who are sympathetic … feel it be useful to have people outside the Houses of Parliament as a visible sign that this is issue about which there is a lot of public concern.

So, at around 5pm, a group of us – councillors, campaigners, concerned individuals – will gather opposite the House of Commons.  It would be great if you could join us!

John Stewart

The event will be peaceful and lawful



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