The Poznan Communiqué on Climate Change by the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group with Cambridge University Programme for Industry

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The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 14)  in Poznan is a step on the climate change path from Bali (COP 13) to Copenhagen (COP 15).

This week over 140 global companies issued a joint statement on climate change.  This follows the Bali Communiqué issued by the same group of business leaders a year ago.  Please read The Poznan Communiqué on Climate Change with its signatories, as well as the list of those who signed the Bali Communiqué.  (There’s plenty more on the Bali Communiqué here.)

See also quotes from business leaders in yesterday’s announcement by Cambridge University titled 140 global business leaders unite behind an international deal on climate change.

There are no excuses for political leaders to drag their feet and dither any longer: business leaders have set out and refined the main points they believe should be included in a global climate change agreement.  It is up to the so-called world ‘leaders’ to deliver more than hot air at Poznan, with ever more concrete deliverables expected in Copenhagen in a year’s time.

I’m well aware many of you think there’s far too much talk and way too little action on climate change.  I don’t disagree.  Nevertheless, my view is that it’s good to note the players and key stakeholders behind these annual Communiqués.  They are expressing the need for frameworks to enable investment and business decisions for the transition to a low-carbon economy, while calling for positive action to move climate policy and global agreements forward as swiftly as possible.  I do think HRH the Prince of Wales deserves credit, with his Business & the Environment Programme and the University of Cambridge Programme for Industry, for coordinating climate change forums.  It’s right to recognise the corporations and leaders that participate in significant carbon emissions reductions (though there’s a lot more to be done to eliminate the superficial greenwashing tendencies of public relations departments).  More on this topic later …

For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of King’s College Cambridge, where I dined in Hall last week.


Gibbs Building in Front Court of Kings College Cambridge on 4 December 2008

Gibbs Building in Front Court of Kings College Cambridge on 4 December 2008

Yes, the sky was white (!) and the sign reads “CAUTION SLIPPERY PATH”.  You may think that neatly reflects the difficulties ahead on the way to a global climate agreement, but despite the warnings there’s every reason to venture forth!


P.S.  Going south along King’s Parade, the road becomes Trumpington Street, and it is at No. 1 that the Programme for Industry is located.


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