Happy Christmas on the First Sunday of

December 28, 2008 at 8:09 pm | Posted in Christmas | 2 Comments
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First Sunday of Christmas at Granlibakken 28 December 2008

First Sunday of Christmas at Granlibakken 28 December 2008

I unashamedly chose this picture for three reasons:

  • it looks like it should be on a Christmas card
  • it looks good with WordPress snow
  • it shows friends in England that we are not sunning ourselves on a beach in California!

Now, looking for readings for today’s services in the Church of England and Episcopal Church (to see what I am missing while out on the Granlibakken trails today), I was surprised to find more references to the First Sunday after Christmas (63,200) than the First Sunday of Christmas (20,400).

I thought the first Sunday after Christmas was Epiphany I.



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  1. Epiphany is Jan 6th – 12 days after Christmas. There’s always room for 1 Sunday between Christmas and Epiphany, and sometimes two. And we sometimes observe Epiphany on the next Sunday, so the I Christmas can seem to turn into Epiphany – but it doesn’t really.

    Here endeth the traditionalist comment.

  2. Thanks, backrowbass. Yes, you are right. Around the world, there’s a whole variety of Christmas and Epiphany traditions and schedules; I think I was reacting to the popular perception that Christmas ended at midnight on December 25 đŸ˜‰

    We’ll look forward to seeing/hearing you at EpiphanEve, or next Sunday, I hope.

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